Whitepaper 10 Ways Marketers Can Leverage Behavioral Data

Marketers today are navigating an ocean of data, but figuring out the best way to leverage it and turn insights into action can be puzzling. That's where behavioral experience data comes into play—think of it as the secret sauce to discovering what lies between opens and clicks.

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Are you ready to take your profits to new heights? Our 3-Point Guide to Maximizing Profits is here to help you do just that. In a world driven by competition and innovation.

Whitepaper The latest developments in oncology research

Drugmakers and, largely, the FDA argue that the medicines now being reviewed are different than the chemotherapies and blunter interventions of the past.

Whitepaper 2023 BDO CFO Outlook Survey

Despite the new and ongoing risks that pose a threat to their organizations, middle market CFOs see opportunities on the horizon. Capitalizing on them will require critical business decisions over the coming year.

Whitepaper How Customer Loyalty & Performance Marketing Can Help Drive Revenue During a Recession

With the return to in-store shopping in our post-pandemic world, marketers are once again confronted with unique challenges around balancing the shift in consumer demand and the availability of products.

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In recent years, e-commerce has become an essential aspect of the global retail industry, as buying and selling goods has experienced a significant transformation.