Artificial Intelligence 7 Things Construction Needs to Know About AI

Artificial intelligence is the conversation captivating minds and sparking curiosity, leaving everyone pondering its potential benefits — what can AI do for them?

Data & Analytics Top Five Ways to Connect Fragmented Healthcare Data

Global healthcare and life sciences organizations are stretching to connect and automate as many as 78 different clinical and non-clinical IT systems according to our recent Salesforce survey. With this multitude of systems, data is locked in separate silos, leading to frustrating experiences for staff across roles and patients who need care.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Artificial Intelligence in Digital Pathology Diagnostics:

​Artificial Intelligence is a burgeoning field in healthcare today with far-reaching impact in many facets of the space. In an effort to better understand just one element of how AI will influence healthcare, InCrowd and PathAI set out to explore physician feelings and expectations about the use of AI in pathology diagnostics.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE The Future of Growth:How CFOs Can Position Themselves for Success

The pandemic was a defining moment in the start of the 21st Century. Labor shortages, operational issues and supply chain delays reshaped the role of business, and of the CFO in particular, overnight.

Security How Sustainable and Dynamic Tech Programs Play Into Larger School Goals

The stress of sustaining educational technology programs is acute, and several questions loom large for administrators.Experts agree that manpower, connectivity and money are necessary to solve the problem. However, they also agree that no solution is sustainable without clear goals.

Product Management How Utility Companies Can Recoup Late-Stage Debt

With consumers reeling from rising inflation and the financial fallout of COVID-19, thousands of Americans struggle to pay their monthly energy bills. The situation places utility companies in a difficult position as they continue to provide essential services while needing to recover bad debts.

Security How Food Brands Can Ensure Safety & Quality in Shipments

Many of today’s consumers can find fresh foods from all over the globe on a trip to the grocery store. From fruits and vegetables to meat and seafood, perishables are regularly shipped over long distances — arriving safe, sound and ready to eat/cook.

Artificial Intelligence How AI in Restaurants Can Improve Employee Retention and Job Satisfaction

When restaurant employees are required to extend themselves frequently to try to assuage unhappy customers, working twice as hard to turn a negative experience into a positive (or neutral) one, they are at a high risk of burning out.