Customer Experience Adapting to the Road Ahead: 4 Strategies for Restaurants in a Shifting Driver Landscape

In an ever-evolving restaurant landscape, this report delves into the post-pandemic resurgence of diners. With exclusive insights from Waze and industry experts.

Digital Marketing Connected Shoppers Report

For retailers, the integration of digital and physical shopping means they’re connecting with shoppers in more ways than ever before. The good news is that this gives retailers more chances to prove they recognize, understand, and value shoppers.

Ecommerce How to Build a Data-Centric Cyber Defense

In 2022, data grew 25% in a typical organization—SaaS data grew at 236%. At that rate, a typical organization's data will triple in 5 years and require 545 BETB to secure.

Marketing Automation Guarding Your Digital Legacy: The Crucial Role of Secure ITAD in Data Protection

While some companies are cognisant of these threats, today many are prioritising methods of data destruction when they should instead be creating a comprehensive, secure IT asset disposition framework that includes sound policies.

Trends Oncology’s research boom

Drugmakers and, largely, the FDA argue that the medicines now being reviewed are different than the chemotherapies and blunter interventions of the past.

Customer Experience How Utility Companies Can Recoup Late-Stage Debt

With consumers reeling from rising inflation and the financial fallout of COVID-19, thousands of Americans struggle to pay their monthly energy bills. The situation places utility companies in a difficult position as they continue to provide essential services while needing to recover bad debts.

Marketing Automation Creating a Digital-First Management Network

A unified platform with a provider network management solution can transform the way healthcare organizations onboard and manage relationships with their physicians.

Ecommerce Key Insights Into the Future of Retail and E-Commerce Trends

In recent years, e-commerce has become an essential aspect of the global retail industry, as buying and selling goods has experienced a significant transformation.