Connected Shoppers Report

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For retailers, the integration of digital and physical shopping means they’re connecting with shoppers in more ways than ever before. The good news is that this gives retailers more chances to prove they recognize, understand, and value shoppers. The bad news? Retailers have a short window to impress them before they walk away.

To keep up, retailers are racing to find new ways to compete. They see opportunities in customer service, ecommerce, and personalization. The challenge? Achieving their goals requires a heavier reliance on data, insights, and technology — and the retailers that don’t keep up risk getting left behind.

The Connected Shoppers Report dives into how retail industry leaders are looking at the retail landscape and what shoppers are actually thinking.

Get the report to see:

  • How digital tools are reshaping the retail landscape
  • How retailers are using customer data
  • The impact of service on shopper loyalty