How Jenni Kayne Designed Their Warehouse to Scale


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Duration: 20 minutes

Is it possible to scale for growth while streamlining inefficient fulfillment processes? When orders fly in, it can be challenging to keep up let alone make system improvements.

The idea of adjusting processes, adding new solutions and training employees can be overwhelming but is necessary to succeed. Same day and next day delivery options are forcing manual operations to adapt.

Growing brands and retailers are proving their fulfillment operations can go from pain point to strong point.

Jenni Kayne, a popular lifestyle brand selling women’s clothing and home goods added efficiency to their fulfillment operation by centralizing SKUs and implementing a warehouse automation solution that will adapt and grow with the business.

Join us for this webinar to learn how Jenni Kayne:

  • Transformed their manual order picking process
  • Improved retention rates and reduced training time for new associates
  • Future-proofed their warehouse for continued growth



Tony Villanova

Senior Solutions Executive, 6 River Systems


Susan Gill

Chief Information Officer, Jenni Kayne


Misty Ashton

Vice President of Operations, Jenni Kayne